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Additional Rentals

Additional Rentals

Along with the power supplies, weldheads and collets, we also carry end prep equipment. We carry Wachs, Tri-Tool, George Fischer, D.L Ricci, Swagelok, and Protem. Our end prep equipment sizes range from 1/8 thru 8". Other miscellaneous equipment to assist with your orbital welding jobs include oxygen analyzers, borescopes, purge mandrels, gas regulators and flowmeters. We can provide everything you need to handle any size orbital welding job.

Cutoff Saws

RA2RA4RA6 T.C. 4.5 (1/4"-4.5")RA8

End Prep Equipment

Tri-ToolProtemOtto ToolWachs
572AC SeverMaster
Portable tube mill
301e squaring tool
301sp squaring tool
302e squaring tool
304 squaring tool
306e squaring tool
SL squaring tool

TSM 1500M

FSE (1/8"-1")
TSE (1/8"-1")
TFS (1/4"-4.5")
T.C. 2.0
T.C. 4.5

Manual Tig Welders

Thermal Arc 160TSThermal Arc 190 GTSDynasty 200 DX

Tungsten Grinders

PWS Portable Tungsten Grinder

Oxygen Analyzers

Hand-held and Table Mount