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CobraTig 150

CobraTig 150

Portable GTAW Orbital Tube Welder. A portable, lightweight orbital welding power source with a digital controller.

The CobraTig 150 is a portable, lightweight orbital welding power source with a digital controller that is the perfect solution for construction or rugged environments. User-friendly LCD screen and simple menus guide users through powerful weld programming using SmartArc® logic, real-time data monitoring, plus a built-in thermal printer for weld data. Packaged for rugged construction environments or manufacturing work-cells.


  • Provides automatic control of repeatability, verification and traceability.
  • SmartArc® software develops a near-ideal weld procedure with Automatic Program Generator.
  • Capable of going down to 0.1 Amps with MicroTig™ technology.
  • High Voltage Pulse automatic arc starting from 0.5 to 25 Amps.
  • SmartArc® control provides flexibility for orbital and manual welding.

Model Number and Line Power

Model #Line Power (± 10%)
254-152100VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15A
120VAC50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15A
208VAC50/60 Hz Single or Three Phase, 30A
230VAC50/60 Hz Single or Three Phase, 30A

Most Popular Accessories

  • Thermal Printer Paper, 5 per package (Part Number 921-0170)
  • MicroTig™ Manual Weld kit (Part Number 005-0670) includes gas-cooled hand TIG torch, variable foot control, ground cable with clamp and carry case.