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We offer Orbital welding equipment repairs for most orbital manufacturers. Our turn-around time is much faster than the factory and at a fraction of the cost. If you have a weld job you need quoted, we offer contract orbital, and hand welding. We are ASME section IX certified welders. We can also calibrate your orbital welding machines.


PWS offers competitive rates on repair work to your orbital equipment. We stock most common replacement items for a fast turn-around time. If you do need a repair and can't afford any down-time, we can send you a system usually the same day.


Calibration services are offered for both your MK Products ACL 200 and Cobra-Tig 150 systems. We also calibrate the Arc Machines 207a and Dimetrics PTW 150 power supplies.

Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes

Pricing, Service, and Workmanship are three good reasons to buy from PWS for all of your pre-ground electrode needs. All of our tungsten is precision-ground with top-of-the-line equipment and inspected under a microscope to assure quality. By using pre-ground tungsten you save time and money. You will get crisper, more consistent arc-starting, better arc-stability and longer electrode-life. We can also regrind your old tungsten. We are ready to fill orders from 10 pcs. to over 10,000 pcs.

To place an order, please refer to the chart below or state what weldhead the electroldes are for; the size of the tubing; and the quantity.

How to Order Standard Tolerance
LengthSpecify Length±.002"(±.05mm)
Diameter.040", 1/16", 3/32" 1/8", 5/32",
3/16" or metric equivalent
According to AWS
A5, 12 Standard
Included Angle Specify Angle ± 1/2"
Tip Diameter Specify Tip Flat Diameter ±.002" (±.05mm)
Materials 2% Thoariated
2% Ceriated
1-1/2% Lanthanated
According to AWS
A5.12 Standard
Finish Standard (20 RA) or
Polished (6-8 RA)
20 Ra or 6-8 Ra
diagram for ordering Welder


If orbital welding is a new trade for you (or if you just need a refresher course), PWS offers in-house training. Contact us for more details.

Contract Welding

With our many years of orbital welding experience, we have welded many different alloy's for various applications. From micro weldments to CIP skids, we have the know-how to handle just about any orbital job — even with the tightest of tolerances.

We are ASME section IX certified welders.